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In 2008 Earthworm Soil Factory diverted 37,000 yards of green waste from local landfills. The green waste is ground, composted with a proprietary Earthworm Soil Factory method, and then used as feedstock for our workforce of earthworms whose numbers exceed 2,500,000 without a single disgruntled employee, lost sick day or worker’s comp claim!

Our worms feed on the nutrient-rich green waste compost, producing vermicompost or worm castings —quite possibly the world’s richest and most diverse source or helpful microorganisms which, when added to even the worst, most depleted soil, enable plants to access nutrients locked within the earth.   In this way, Earthworm Soil Factory soil amendments are not just fertilizers but revitalizers and catalysts for healthy, vitamin rich plant growth.

If you are a landscape contractor in the Chico, California area, you may bring us your green waste at no charge.

If you are interested in setting up your own green waste recycling facility, click here.